Sg Sold Winding Iron Core Transformer

The product has the following features: good insulation properties, high mechanical strength, moisture resistant, pollution-free, easy to install, and almost no need for maintenance. Can be applied for high rise buildings, wind power generation, solar energy, hospital, hotel, tunnel, station, wharf, airport, subway, petroleum, chemical industry, laboratory, combined power plant, shopping mall and other important places etc.

Products Details

Product Usage Condition

(1)Altitude Not more than 1000m; (2)Coollng air temperature Max. Temp.: 40°C Max. monthly mean temp.: 30°C Max. annual mean temp.: 20°C lowest temp.: -25°C (suitable for outdoor transformer) lowest temp.: -5°C (suitable for indoor transformer) (3)Humidity Ambient air relative humidity should be less than 93%, no water drop on the coil surface. If usage condition exceeds above requirements, should adjust running parameters (e.g. output current etc.) properly and adopt proper protecting measures to ensure the product service life and safety reliability.

Product Structure Characteristics

(1) Iron core Key part of solid winding iron core transformer is solid winding iron core. The entire core is pieced by three completely same single frames, arranged in an equilateral triangle. Each single frame is continuously winded by numbers of trapezoid strips, the intersecting surface of the winded single frame looks like semicircle, the pieced intersecting surface of three single frames is a quasi-polygon which looks quite like an entire circle. The entire magnetic circuit winds tightly, void-free. High magnetic direction of silicon strip is completely same with the magnetic circuit direction, small magnetic resistance. Three phase magnetic circuit are same in length, thus the three phase are balanced, can reduce the transformer third harmonic etc., save material, improve performance, reduce loss, no-load current and operation noise etc.  (2)Coil Low voltage coil adopts double cylinder or foil winding, solid triangle low voltage balanced outlet. High voltage winding adopts continuous structure, has big air contact area and good thermal ventilation performance. (3)Base According to users' requirements, base steel channel or trolley is equipped. (4)Terminal

Low voltage connection adopts nickel plated steel with connection holes welded to coil terminal, fix to the clamps by insulator, convenient to connect; high voltage terminal adopts pre-buried copper nut coupling.

(5)IP grade IP00 is not equipped with protective cover, suitable for box power station, and power distribution cabinet etc.; IP20 is equipped with metal mesh protective cover, can protect 12mm foreign matter from entering, and installed inside. IP23 is equipped with louver protective cover, can protect from rain, snow and insects etc., but need to reduce 5% of the capacity when using this kind of cover. (6)Transformer cooling method For transformers whose capacity is 125kVA and less than 125Kva, cooling method is AN, can output 100% rated capacity continuously meanwhile. For transformers whose capacity is 160kVA and more than 160Kva, cooling method is AF, may not open draught fan under certain capacity, but when more than 70% of the rated capacity, need to open the draught fan. (7)Temperature control Automatic temperature control system is used, features like temperature display, data scanning, open and close draught fan, over temperature alarm, hopscotch, computer communication interface etc. can be realized according to users’ requirement.

Installation And Maintenance

Installation site should be dry, ventilative, can ensure the transformer to dissipate heat fully. The ground should be flat, no water entrance and risk of burning. Check whether there is dirt or condensation on the transformer surface before operation. Generally, blow with vacuum cleaner or compressed air, drying treatment, then check the insulation resistance and power-frequency voltage-withstand test, if qualified, can put the transformer into use. Transformer is delivered with protective cover, except power cable, nothing can be put on the cover. Except installing the cable according to relative diagram, no devices or attachments that not provided or approved by supplier can be installed into the cover; otherwise, responsibility is conceited. Fixed point in transformer iron core or winding is not permitted in any case. All the distances between charged bodies should meet corresponding national standards. Solid winding iron core transformer breaks the structural frame of traditional laminated iron core. Thanks to the structural improvement, it makes a qualitative leap for distribution transformer which is particularly significant nowadays when demand for electricity is growing rapidly for all industries. Solid winding iron core transformer will surely have great market judging from environmental protection, energy saving, operation safety and reliability etc.

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