220 Polyamide-imide Enameled Copper(Aluminum) Rectangle Wire

With the features of heat resistance, refrigerant resistance, cold resistance, radiation resistance etc, and high mechanical strength, stable air performance, good chemical resistance and refrigerant resistance, strong overload capacity, 220 polyamide-imide enameled copper (aluminum) rectangle wire is widely used in refrigerator compressor, air conditioning compressor, power tools, explosion-proof motors and motors and electrical appliance used in conditions of high & cold temperature, high radiation and overload. The products are small in size, stable in performance, safe in operation and remarkable in energy saving.

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Production Scope

Conductor thickness dimension: A: 0.80-5.60mm; Conductor width dimension - B: 2.00-16.00mm; Width ratio of Conductor: 1.4:1

Wide Application Of Electromagnetic Wire Coating Products

 At present, the application of electromagnetic wire coating products has greatly increased the consumption of electromagnetic wire with the acceleration of the pace of China's modern industrial construction and the rapid growth of export products. The enameled wire and electromagnetic wire mainly use the insulating electrostatic powder coating. At present, they are mainly used in the insulating oxide film electromagnetic wire instead of the concentrated sulfuric acid treatment of aluminum wire, and can also be used in the enameled paint of insulating paint coating on-line. Because the coating thickness of general powder coating is applicable to the circular wire with the diameter of more than 1.6m m or the flat wire with the width of more than 1.6mm × 1.6mm, and the insulating coating with the thickness of more than 40 μ m, it is not applicable to the coating requiring thin coating. If the ultra-thin powder coating is used, the thickness of 20-40 μ M can be achieved. However, because of the cost of coating processing and the difficulty of coating, it can not be widely used. When the film thickness is too thick, the flexibility and other functions of the film are reduced, which is not suitable for products with too large bending angle of metal wire. Because of the limitation of film thickness, too thin wire is not suitable for powder coating technology.

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